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Felicia Buthelezi | Driving In Heels

Felicia Buthelezi

Felicia Buthelezi

Claim to Fame: I am a fabulous Zulu woman, super mom to 2 active boys (aged 2 and 6), Wife, and Founder of ‘I Do’ magazine, a marriage orientated publication.


1. What is your earliest memory of your first ever driving lesson?

That was quite a while back, but all I could remember is that it was with a ‘famous’ instructor in Ulundi, KZN – I can’t remember his name though! In fact I wonder if he is still alive! He taught me how to drive in a white Nissan 1400 which looked as if it was even older than he was!

It had stiff gears, which didn’t help me at all because I was an incredibly nervous learner driver; so much so that I drove barefoot so that I could feel the pedals, especially the clutch which was also really hard – I thought I might get big muscles in my left leg from that clutch! I enjoyed driving on a straight road, but I hated turning and I was very uncomfortable when it came to reversing – even to this day, I still don’t like having to reverse!

But I must mention that I owe my good and calm driving manners to that old man! He had a way of making one gain self confidence, and was very patient. He never panicked, no matter what I did, and he would talk about other things in between giving instructions. It had a very calming effect on me and I always felt pretty relaxed a few minutes into the lesson.


2. Did you have a name for your first car and did you have help buying it?

I bought my first car when I 20 but I was wasn’t very creative when it came to naming it.m I simply got into the habit of calling it “My baby”. I had original,y wanted to buy a Toyota Tazz. It was the on,y car i could visualise myself in at that stage, but then I decided to get My Baby instead. I knew a few things about the car buying process, but because i hated the idea of being in debt, I opted to go to an auction, and that how My Baby and I got together! I used all the money I had saved and was flat broke afterwards. I couldn’t afford to spoil myself and just that though alone triggered me to start my first business.


3. What do you drive now, and what made you choose it?

I now drive an SLK 200, which was a a birthday gift from my husband, but prior to that I had bought myself a Toyota RAV 4. I still have the Rav incidentally, which I paid off years ago and it is still in excellent condition. I use it as my little run around car. But I love my SLK; it is a true reflection of the woman I am and I feel good driving it, especially in the late afternoon when I take the roof down.


4. Do you think it is important for women to know the very basics about their cars?

Yes , It think it is very important for us gals to know basics car maintenance, but to be honest, I don’t want to ever have to change a tyre. I’m a little spoilt and I don’t mind admitting that I am a girly girly!


5. How do you keep yourself entertained in peak traffic?

I like to look around to see what other people are doing in their cars, and I’ve seen some bizarre stuff I tell you, including people who get out of their cars to dance whilst waiting for traffic to move!


6. If you could have a bumper sticker on your car, what would it say?

Healthy Marriages equals Happy Homes


7. What CDs are in your shuttle right now?

Fourplay, Junita Buanum and Judith Sephuma


8. What is your dream car and why?

I have passed that stage of longing for any cars – I really don’t have a dream car anymore largely because I have driven all my dream cars . I enjoy what I am driving and believe it is a fabulous extension of who I am.